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Steve Stevens Guitar Rig – Zakk Wylde

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 Steve Stevens Guitar Rig – Zakk WyldePosted on November 29th, 2010 From srbyadmin Desk

steve stevens guitar rig – Zakk Wylde

He is known for his use of Gibson Les Paul Custom model guitars with a “bulls-eye” graphic on them, a design he used to deliberately differentiate himself visually from Randy Rhoads – who was also frequently identified by his white Les Paul Custom. Interestingly, one of Wylde’s favorite stage guitars of late is a replica of Rhoads’ Flying V. the “bulls-eye” paint job was originally supposed to look like the spiral from the movie Vertigo, but when it came back incorrect from the luthier, he liked the result and stuck with it.

Wylde’s signature Les Pauls include a red flame-maple bulls-eye model, a black and antique-white bulls-eye model, an orange “buzz-saw” model, the pattern on which was inspired by a design on a Zippo lighter , and a “camo” bulls-eye model with mother of pearl neck inlays and a green camouflage paint scheme. his original bulls-eye Les Paul was purchased from one of the owners of Metaltronics Amplification. Metaltronics was building a one-off live rig for Wylde that was designed around one of the owner’s guitars, a creamy white Les Paul Custom with EMG pickups, which would later become known as “the Grail”. Zakk also has a Custom Dean Splittail with Mud Splatter Bulls-eye graphics and another Dean Dime series Razorback with custome Bulls-eye graphics ordered for him special by the late “Dimebag” Darrell Abbot.

Zakk almost exclusively uses Marshall JCM 800′s with twin 4 X 12 Cabinets.

His usual signal path consists of his guitar direct to his amp and clean and distorted tones both amp standards. in his effects loop Zakk runs: Amp-Dunlop Hendrix Rotovibe-Dunlop Wylde Wah-MXR Wylde Overdrive-MXR EVH Phase 90-MXR Black label Chorus-Amp. in certain songs Zakk uses either a Rocktron Banshee or Dunlop/MXR Talk Box, however his talk box is almost exclusively used in the studio and is rarely if ever used live.

Wylde’s health has come under scrutiny for several years. Wylde was asked by Sharon Osbourne to attend rehab, but left very early on.

In August 2009, Wylde was hospitalized due to blood clots. he was forced to cancel his tour, stating that singing would cause an embolism.

Appearances in media

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Wylde has made guest appearances on various albums, such as Damageplan’s debut album, new Found Power, as guest vocalist and guitar on the tracks “Soul Bleed” and “Reborn”, Dope, as solo guitar parts on their first single, “Addiction” from their newest album, no Regrets.

He has also worked on four of Derek Sherinian’s solo albums: Inertia, Black Utopia, Mythology, Blood of the Snake and Molecular Heinosity alongside Yngwie Malmsteen and others.

Wylde was also a judge for the 8th annual Independent Music Awards. his contributions helped assist independent artists’ careers.

On August 1, 1993, Wylde appeared on stage with the Allman Brothers on lead guitar since Dickey Betts was unable to make the show, and they needed a guitarist at the last minute. This show is documented on the bootleg “Zakk Goes Wylde”.

Wylde is a new York Yankees fan. he performed the National Anthem on the electric guitar during a new York Rangers game in October 2005. he has also played the anthem at Los Angeles Kings and Dodgers games. A video of a Kings performance is included as an extra feature, on the DVD Boozed, Broozed, and Broken-Boned.

On February 1, 2007 Wylde and Nick Catanese began a tour of acoustic shows at the Hard Rock Cafe in various cities across North America. although Catanese had to leave mid-tour due to unspecified personal reasons, Wylde continued to play shows alone. he performed several songs, on both the acoustic guitar and keyboard. the tour was eventually canceled due to unspecified reasons.

Wylde’s film credits include Rock Star (As “Ghode”, guitarist of the fictitious band Steel Dragon)

Wylde also appeared on the TV show Angel in the season four episode “the Magic Bullet” where he plays acoustic on the song “Mandy” while Angel and Conner sing along.

Wylde has also appeared as a guest star on the TV show Aqua Teen Hunger Force. in it, he plays guitar on a track produced by Master Shake that is supposed to become the next big birthday song, which is called “Spirit Journey Formation Anniversary.” Wylde becomes irate when he finds out that Shake cannot pay him for his input on the project. Later in the show, Wylde is killed when caught between the crossfire of two robotic banjo-playing scorpions.

On September 26, 2003, Wylde appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and sat in with the house band. during the course of the night he repeatedly made fun of and threatened to beat up Fred Durst, the front man for Limp Bizkit.

On January 30, 2007, Wylde, alongside Black label Society, were the musical guests for MTV’s Wrestling Society X debut episode. he worked the night as a guest commentator as well.

On February 2, 2007, Wylde guest hosted on Seattle’s 99.9 KISW on the afternoon program the Men’s Room.

On the May 18 edition of WWE Smackdown!, Wylde appeared with Ozzy Osbourne to perform the song “I Don’t Wanna Stop”, at the first Mariner Arena in Baltimore, Maryland.

Wylde performed alongside Osbourne on the 2007 VH1 Rock Honors broadcast (featuring tributes to and performances by ZZ top, Heart, Genesis, and Osbourne).

On October 18, 2009, Zakk Wylde performed the National Anthem on TNA’s biggest PPV, Bound for Glory before the matches officially started.

In Bones a new movie coming out soon, directed by Frank Pestarino.

Wylde recorded a guitar duel for the video game Guitar Hero: World Tour. he also appears as a playable character.

Some of Wylde’s signature guitars have been for sale to play with throughout the Guitar Hero series. These include “the Grail”, “the Camo Grail”, and “the Buzzsaw”.

Wylde was featured in the first Guitar Hero with the studio version recording of Fire it up.

357 Customs controversy and lawsuit

In December 2005, a promotional offer was posted on Wylde’s official webpage, stating that anyone who bought a 0 merchandise gift certificate and a miniature model of a chopper would receive an 0 Epiphone guitar. the offer was posted by custom chopper company 357 Customs, through the then webmaster of Wylde’s webpage. on June 2, 2006, Bob Ringe, Wylde’s manager, stated on the website that “357 Customs ran a promotion directed toward Zakk’s fans, and [...] 357 has not delivered merchandise ordered during the promotion. Zakk has not authorized or otherwise been involved with this promotion, and has not received any compensation from it.” Ringe went on further to state that he has instructed his lawyers to “contact 357….monitor this situation and follow up with 357.” during and after the timeframe in which the 357 Customs offers were being advertised,numerous conversations, both via email and telephone were held with then current and former members of Wylde’s management team, including Tim Bolin and Bob Ringe, and also Wylde’s wife, with all parties confirming and supporting the promotion. A number of statements, both from the webmaster and Wylde himself, posted on the webpage repeatedly stressed the legitimacy of the offer, and even went as far as placing blame on guitar maker Epiphone and electronics manufacturer EMG for the shipping delays. no order had ever been placed and these statements seemed to be offered as a means of placating the increasingly concerned customers.

On June 14, 2006, Wylde’s attorneys filed suit against 357 Customs Inc. in the Superior Court of the State of California. the suit alleges trademark infringement, false designation of origin, unfair competition, false advertising, breach of contract, as well as several other counts. the text of the lawsuit indicates that it was brought about to prevent any further victimization of Wylde’s fans and to recoup unpaid royalties from 357 Customs. There is nothing in the suit indicating specific damages to be recovered on behalf of fans.

On July 5, 2006, Black label Society’s webmaster, Chad Dyer, relinquished his voluntary position with he admitted being hired by 357 Customs as their webmaster and claimed that he wasn’t aware of the conflict of interest. 357 Customs president Daniel Bauguess offered the position as paid webmaster to Dyer, ironically, on the set of Black label Society’s Suicide Messiah video shoot in 2005.

To this date, Dyer has not been paid for the ,000 worth of work by he and his staff on, even after it cost him his position with Black label Society. various reports note that Dyer was a paid employee of Black label Society, which was not the case. the posted resignation letter on Wylde’s webpage that was written by Dyer, and signed off on by Wylde’s manager Bob Ringe, confirmed that he provided webmaster services at no-charge on account of his friendship with Wylde.

Seeking to bring an end to the episode, on May 8, 2007 Wylde’s Attorney filed a Request For Dismissal of the case, ending the court litigation and any hope that 357 Customs Inc would be held to account for their actions.

Main article: Zakk Wylde discography

With Black label Society

2000: Stronger Than Death

2003: the Blessed Hellride

2004: Hangover Music Vol. VI

1988: no Rest For the Wicked

1991: no More Tears

2001: down to Earth

1994: Pride & Glory

1996: Book of Shadows




^ Independent Music Awards – 8th Annual IMA Judges



Wikimedia Commons has media related to: Zakk Wylde

Black label Society official website

Zakk Wylde’s guitar gear

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steve stevens guitar rig

Steve Stevens Guitar Rig

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